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The Bay Bridge Series All-Time Lineup (Post-Interleague)

kruk_kuip.jpgWhy do A’s fans hate the Giants so much?

It’s not just our team. They hate on our ballpark, they hate on our announcers, they hate on just about everything. Maybe it’s just my circle, but there’s a clear-cut insecurity there.

We get it; it’s been awhile since the Giants won a championship. But when was the last time the A’s were relevant, 20 years ago?

See, this is what A’s fans do to me. I actually like for the A’s. I root for the A’s.

But this time of year, the green and gold gets to me.

Since the launch of Interleague Play in 1997, the Bay Bridge rivalry has been restored. The A’s are leading the series, 41-35, heading into Sunday’s game. Though as an A’s fan would tell you, neither team won a “championship” that year so none of it really counts. (Is there an acronym for rolling eyes?)

There have been a number of stars to play for both sides of the Bay. I thought we’d have some fun this Sunday – the finale of the three-game initial Bay-Bridge series – and discuss the all-time lineups for each team since the launch of Interleague.

I’ll get the ball rolling with my picks below, and you can post your own in the comments section below.

The All Post-Interleague LineupGiambi.jpg

The Oakland A’s (’97-present)

1. Mark Kotsay (CF)
2. Mark Ellis (2B)
3. Miguel Tejada (SS)
4. Jason Giambi (1B)
5. Frank Thomas (DH)
6. Eric Chavez (3B)
7. Matt Stairs (RF)
8. Ben Grieve (LF)
9. Kurk Suzuki (C)
SP. Tim Hudson
CL. Huston Street

The San Francisco Giants (’97-present)

1. Marquis Grissom (CF)
2. Rich Aurilia (SS)
JTSnow.jpg3. Barry Bonds (LF)
4. Jeff Kent (2B)
5. Pablo Sandoval (3B)
6. Ellis Burks (RF)
7. Benji Molina (C)
8. J.T. Snow (1B)
9. Real Leagues Don’t Use DH (DH)
SP. Tim Lincecum
CL. Robb Nen

What do your lineups look like? Post in the comments below.