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Introducing The Orange Fog

I feel like I owe this blog to Will Clark.

Sometimes it’s tough for a sports writer to remember how it all began. The world of self-important pro athletes, tight deadlines and relentless schedules is easy to get lost in.

But just about every sports writer began as a fan – unstable kids with grubby ball caps, too much gum and a know-it-all attitude on why their team is the best.

At least, that was my story.

The Giants were “the best” and my devotion was on display in a bedroom covered in Giants pennants and a closet filled with Mothers Cookies Giants baseball cards.

I haven’t forgotten the moment when I became a sports writer. My birthday present from Grandpa was a trip to Candlestick. Ole’ No. 22 was coming back from injury, and the afternoon crowd was celebrating his return.

I remember looking up at my Grandpa with a questioning look of “Is it really okay to be this loud?” Usually my Mom would have put an end to that real quick. So away I stomped, screamed and clapped.

Will Clark was the man. Soon I’d have everything to do with this guy. I’d trade my older brother just about anything for one of his baseball cards – all my Rick Reuschel cards, the rest of my fruit roll-up, whatever it took.

There’s nothing like being a fan.

After years of watching baseball through the lens of a journalist, I’m ready to enjoy the game again. That’s the reason behind the Orange Fog – to bring back my voice as a fan.

I’m not ditching my sports journalism career; I’m simply taking a season off. I’ll enjoy the 2010 Giants season as I enjoyed all the seasons of my youth. The Orange Fog will be my platform.

Just as I held court with my brother and our friends during the summers of my youth, I’ll open those same types of discussions in this space. It’s all about having fun and enjoying this team.

Pablo Sandoval is no Will Clark, but he is to some bubble gum-chewing youngster.

So enjoy this summer of Giants baseball with me. Let’s have conversations the way we would when we were kids.

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